Teen program

Knowledge is like a garden. If it’s not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.
African Proverb

The Teen Program is designed for adolescents in the 6th to 12th grade age group and is further broken down between high school and middle school sections.

Program Overview
Each session is a unique blend of arts, culture, literature, poetry and self-improvement. Each segment is a new opportunity to connect with one’s ancestral culture or discover another student’s; a creative and therapeutic experience leading to spaces of knowledge of self, joy and success.

Program Benefits
Programs are delivered through our three core channels: books, virtual experiences and in-person events. Here as always, participants will experience our mission to uplift and our passion to empower, our themes revolving around the concepts of diversity, discovery and empowerment.

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At Aduna Village, it is our mission and our passion to uplift and empower thanks to our programs of cultural exploration including stories, virtual workshops and in-person events.


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